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Yapahuwa Rock Fortress | Kurunegala | Sri Lankan Guides

Yapahuwa Rock Fortress | Kurunegala | Sri Lankan Guides

King Buwanekabahu was the inaugural ruler of the fortress, where he safeguarded and enshrined Sri Lanka’s sacred Tooth Relic. In 1284, the Pandavan dynasty from India seized the Tooth Relic and returned to their homeland. Yapahuwa, adorned with numerous archaeological ruins and monuments, preserves the historical legacy.

yapahuwa lion stairway 940 orig Sri Lankan Guides

At the pinnacle of the Yapahuwa rock, vestiges of a stupa, Bodhi tree enclosure, and caves utilized by Buddhist monks are evident. The caves bear inscriptions, including one with a Brahmi inscription. Noteworthy is the steep ornamental staircase, renowned for its lion carvings, capturing the attention of visitors.

Embraced by lush forests, Yapahuwa rock fortress boasts a Buddhist temple constructed during the Kandyan period, known as Yapahuwa Rajamaha Vihara.

entrance to the tooth Sri Lankan Guides

Situated in the Kurunegala district within the northwestern province of Sri Lanka, Yapahuwa can be reached from Colombo in approximately four hours, covering a distance of about 143 km. The region continues to attract visitors, drawn not only by its historical significance but also by the striking architectural features, such as the captivating lion carvings on the ornate staircase.

Yapahuwa Rock Fortress Sri Lankan Guides

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