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Ravana Falls | Mythical Cascade of Sri Lanka |Sri Lankan Guides

Ravana Falls | Mythical Cascade of Sri Lanka |Sri Lankan Guides

if you visit the pretty town of Ella in Sri Lanka, you shouldn’t miss seeing Ravana Falls. It’s a really big waterfall, about 82 feet tall, and it’s in a place called the Ravana Ella Wildlife Sanctuary. It’s about six kilometers away from the Ella Railway Station. People love going there because you can swim in the water, and if you’re into adventures, you can climb the rocks around the waterfall. That lets you see amazing views of the falls and the beautiful area around Ella.
Ravana Falls is a stunning waterfall that’s really beautiful. It flows down like a girl trying really hard to reach her crush for the first time, with a lot of water coming down fast. It looks like a falling areca flower as it drops down about 40 meters.
The waterfalls called Ravana Ella in Ella are super famous in Sri Lanka because lots of people take pictures of them. They’re right by the main road that goes from the mountains to the lower lands in the south. So, many people who are traveling from the hills use this road.

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Visiting Ella wouldn’t be complete without seeing Ravana Falls. It’s a big, 82-foot waterfall in the Ravana Ella Wildlife Sanctuary, just six kilometers away from Ella Railway Station. You can swim there and if you’re up for it, climbing nearby rocks gives you amazing views of the falls and Ella’s beautiful surroundings.

The falls got their name from a famous character named Ravana in the Indian story called the Ramayana. This story is a part of Sri Lanka’s history, dating back more than 2000 years. Legend says that Ravana, who was once the king of Sri Lanka, hid Princess Sita behind this waterfall in a cave, now called the Ravana Ella Cave. Back then, the area around the cave was all thick forests and wilderness. People also believe that Sita used to bathe in a pool formed by the waterfall’s water.

In the dry season, the waterfall dries up a bit, but when it rains, it becomes really full and flows down super fast. But it’s important for tourists to be careful because the sides can be really slippery and dangerous. A cool thing not many people know is that part of the waterfall flows under a bridge, making another beautiful sight.

The waterfall is really pretty! There’s lots of green plants, tall trees, and even branches growing from the rocks around it. The walls of the waterfall are bumpy but smooth, like polished stone. The water falls down fast and makes a nice sound when it splashes into the pools below. And when the wind blows, especially in the evenings, it adds to the beauty. Sometimes, the sound of the wind is as loud as the waterfall!

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