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Pigeon Island | Srilankan Guides

Pigeon Island | Srilankan Guides

Pigeon Island National Park, situated in Trincomalee, is a relatively recent addition to the country’s parks but has gained popularity quickly. It was declared a national park in 2003. The park includes two islands connected by coral, providing a habitat for various marine species. About 100 coral species surround the islands, supporting a diverse marine ecosystem. Despite being home to rare and unique marine life, the islands were previously used as a shooting range during the Second World War.

The islands are not only a habitat for marine life but also a haven for birds. The rocky parts of the island provide a home for endangered Rock Pigeons. According to the Wildlife Department, around 300 species of reef fish inhabit the coral reefs around the islands. If you go scuba diving during the season from May to September, you can catch a glimpse of Sri Lanka’s special marine ecosystem. With luck, you might see adult and young Blacktip Reef Sharks, as well as the rare Hawksbill and Olive Ridley turtles.

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