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Pettah Market | Colombo | Sri Lankan Guides

Pettah Market | Colombo | Sri Lankan Guides

The Pettah Market, also known as Manning Market, is an open market located in the Pettah suburb of Colombo. Here, you’ll discover a diverse range of goods, from electronics to fashion accessories. Market vendors offer everything, including fresh produce like vegetables and fruits, as well as meat and seafood.

While Pettah may initially seem bustling and a bit chaotic due to its popularity, navigating the streets with a plan can lead you to fantastic finds at surprisingly affordable prices. It’s a favorite shopping destination for both locals and foreign travelers, offering a variety of inexpensive items. The market continuously evolves, with new shops appearing regularly.

At the end of Pettah, you’ll find Sea Street, Sri Lanka’s gold market, drawing buyers from across the country for its numerous jewelry shops lined up next to each other.

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Where to Shop in Pettah Market:

  1. Olcott Mawatha:
  • Find affordable clothes and accessories like jackets, bags, and sunglasses next to 2nd Cross-Street.

2. Front Street (Malwatta Road):

  • Explore the old Victoria Building from 1929 for quality leather bags, shoes, watches, luggage, and a Batik Centre for camera equipment and bangles.

3. Prince Street:

  • Famous for electronics, light fittings, toys, fake wigs, carrom boards, and checkers boards. Visit Fancy Mahal for Eastern cologne and the Dutch museum for a quiet space with a green garden.

4. 1st Cross Street:

  • Shop for mobile phones, covers, batteries, and other electronics.

5. China Street 

Shop for party items like hats, wrap, banners, balloons, candles etc. and chinaware

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