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Mamangapillayar Temple | Srilankan Guides

Mamangapillayar Temple | Srilankan Guides

The Mamangam Temple holds historical importance for Hindus worldwide. It is believed to have been built at the very spot where “Raman” prayed to Lord Siva. The lump of rice he placed turned into a lingam, giving rise to the name Mamanga Easwara Temple. This event took place when Raman visited Sri Lanka in search of his wife Seetha. The temple attracts thousands of pilgrims during its annual 10-day long ‘theertham’ festival in July.

In addition to the main Mamangam Festival, daily and special poojas are conducted during major Hindu festivals like Deepavali, Tamil New Year, Navarathri, and Thiruvamba. The large pond next to the temple adds beauty and significance to the Kovil. On the final day of the annual Mamangam festival, an important religious ceremony takes place in the pond, where devotees take a quick dip as part of the Hindu ritual.

Mamangam Pillaiyar Kovil Resampled Sri Lankan Guides

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