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Laxapana Falls | Nuwara Eliya |Sri Lankan Guides

Laxapana Falls | Nuwara Eliya |Sri Lankan Guides

Lakshapana Falls has a name with various origins and meanings. Some sources suggest that it comes from the abundance of iron ore, referred to as “laksha,” in the rocks over which it cascades. The word “lakshana” means beautiful, and “lakshaya” translates to 100,000.

Standing at 126 meters high, locals also know this waterfall by another name, “Veddahhiti Ella” or “The Falls Where the Veddah Lived.”

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Lakshapana Falls originates from Maskeliya Oya, surrounded by lush vegetation and diverse wildlife. The weather turns cool in the afternoon, making it an ideal spot for photography.

However, the pool at the base of the waterfall is dangerously deep, and approaching its edge is not safe.

You can access the fall from both the base and the head/mouth. If you choose to visit the mouth of the waterfall, be cautious of sudden increases in water levels (due to upstream reservoirs) and watch out for soft and slippery rock surfaces.

Exercise extra caution when bathing in unfamiliar places, especially in Maskeliya Oya, as danger is close at hand.

To reach this location, you can travel from Colombo to Ginigathhena, Nortonbridge, 4th mile post, and Lakshapana.

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