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Koggala Beach | Galle | Sri Lankan Guides

Koggala Beach | Galle | Sri Lankan Guides

Stretching along the coastline, Koggala Beach stands as one of Sri Lanka’s longest and most picturesque beaches, making it a sought-after destination for tourists. The beach is well-maintained, offering a tidy and inviting environment for visitors to relax and enjoy the sun and surf.

Koggala Beach holds a special significance as a nesting area for marine turtles, attracting these magnificent creatures during the breeding season. While witnessing the actual laying process is a rare occurrence, the beach provides a unique opportunity to connect with the natural beauty of these marine creatures.

One of the distinctive features of Koggala Beach is the ancient practice of stilt fishing along its coastlines. This traditional method, where fishermen perch on stilts, is a captivating sight that harks back to a bygone era, adding to the charm of the beach.

Conveniently located just 8 km from Galle City and 130 km from Katunayaka Airport, Koggala is easily accessible by road, air, and sea. The beach beckons travelers to explore its shores, offering a blend of natural beauty and cultural heritage.

Sri Lanka experiences two distinct dry seasons, with a large dry season from December to March and a smaller dry season from July to August. These periods provide ideal conditions for visitors to indulge in the sun and sea, making Koggala Beach a year-round destination for those seeking a tranquil and scenic retreat.

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