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Independence Memorial Hall | Colombo | Sri Lankan Guides

Independence Memorial Hall | Colombo | Sri Lankan Guides

This hall is designed based on the architecture of the Audience Hall (Magul Maduwa) in Kandy. It features columns and pillars adorned with traditional Sri Lankan designs, and statues of lions are placed around the building.

Known as the Independence Memorial Hall, this venue in Sri Lanka is a popular spot for recreational activities such as jogging and leisurely walks for couples. You may also come across snake dancers performing a brief show.

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Independence Square is a delightful place to unwind in Colombo, especially in the evenings. The hall is situated within Independence Square at Colombo 7, and you can reach it by using a three-wheeler or other taxi services.

Many tourists choose to visit this place as part of their exploration of Colombo.

Don’t forget to visit Independence Memorial Hall in Colombo! It’s a cool place with interesting history and a relaxing vibe. The building looks neat, inspired by another cool place in Kandy. You can jog, take a stroll, or watch a snake dancer show. As the sun sets, it gets even nicer. So, if you’re in Colombo, grab a three-wheeler or taxi and go see this cool spot. It’s a fun way to chill and learn about Sri Lanka’s cool past. Definitely, put it on your list!

Independence Commemoration Hall Sri Lankan Guides

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