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Great Western Mountain in Sri Lanka | Sri Lankan Guides

Great Western Mountain in Sri Lanka | Sri Lankan Guides

Great Western Mountain is in Nuwara-Eliya, which is in the Central Province of Sri Lanka. It’s the 7th tallest mountain there, standing at 2,212 meters high. This mountain is like a beautiful paradise and it’s behind one of the prettiest railway stations in the hilly area.

How to reach the Destination:

So, to get to Great Western Mountain from Nuwara-Eliya, first, you take the Peradeniya-Badulla highway and then the first exit onto Badulla Road. After that, you turn left at Pundalu Oya junction, and in about 2.4 kilometers, you’ll reach the mountain.

But the easiest way is to take a train and get off at the Great Western station. From there, the path for hiking up the mountain is only 5 kilometers away. The mountain itself is about 1 kilometer wide, and you can climb it from both ends.

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Best time to visit and Weather conditions:

Climbing Great Western Mountain is really tough, so you need to be super careful when you decide to do it. The paths you walk on can be really slippery and muddy. You might need branches or help from others to climb. If it’s raining, it gets even harder to walk, and if it’s foggy, you won’t see much around you at all.

Hike to Great Western Mountain:

Great Western Mountain is pretty steep, and the path to climb isn’t very clear. As you climb, you might spot a small Hindu temple that’s about 70 years old. Legend says it was built by a hiker who got lost but was helped by the goddess Paththini Amma to find the way out.

The mountain is full of nature’s wonders, with lots of different plants and animals. If you’re planning to hike there, make sure you have all the important stuff you need, and it’s a good idea to bring along a guide to help you out.

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