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Galle Face Green | Srilankan Guides

Galle Face Green | Srilankan Guides

Galle Face Green is a beautiful spot by the sea in the middle of Colombo. It’s perfect for joggers, walkers, and kite flyers who don’t like noisy honking. It’s a peaceful place where you can take a breath of fresh air away from the city crowds. Lots of things happen there all the time, making it one of Sri Lanka’s top places to visit.

If you’re up for trying some local street food, there are stalls run by hawkers that serve delicious food. The local dishes are irresistible, especially for food lovers looking to enjoy new flavors.

And if you love shopping, you’re in luck! There’s a place called Designer Barbara Sansoni in an old house where you can buy handmade bedspreads, cushion covers, and lampshades. They come in different prices, so there’s something for everyone!

UG LK Photowalk OneGalleFace and surroundings 2017 03 12 13 Sri Lankan Guides

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