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Colombo Lighthouse | Colombo | Sri Lankan Guides

Colombo Lighthouse | Colombo | Sri Lankan Guides

The Lighthouse was constructed in 1952 and has become a popular spot for both tourists and locals to unwind in a beautiful setting. Positioned at Galbokka Point south of the Port of Colombo, or along the harbor road (Chaithya road), this location offers a serene escape. The lighthouse, standing at a height of 12 meters (39 feet), provides a fantastic panoramic view of the sea and the harbor. Additionally, it is utilized by the Sri Lanka Navy for traditional gun salutes. The site is adorned with four lion statues, enhancing its charm and significance.

Old Colombo Lighthouse Sri Lankan Guides

In conclusion, visit the charming Lighthouse at Galbokka Point in Colombo for a relaxing spot with breathtaking sea views. Built in 1952, this 39-foot tall structure is not only a picturesque escape but also offers traditional naval gun salutes. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy the serene atmosphere and panoramic vistas on your visit!

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