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Hambantota Birds Park is a place near Hambantota town, about 16 kilometers away. It’s really big, covering 35 acres! People who love birds and study birds (called ornithologists) will enjoy this place a lot. The park has more than 180 kinds of birds, both local ones and ones from far away, totaling about 3200 birds! It’s a great place to see and even spend time with these beautiful birds.

You’ll see lots of colorful birds during tours that last about 1.5 hours. Some special birds come from the Amazon rainforests, and there are also many eye-catching Macaws that can easily capture your heart with their looks. There are also Cockatoos, Peacocks, Ducks, Love Birds, Parrots, and more lovely birds living there. If you really like birds, make sure not to miss visiting the Hambantota Birds Park when you’re in the city!

The weather in Hambantota is really different compared to Galle and Matara cities. It’s in a dry area, so it’s hot there, usually around 30 degrees Celsius on average. It doesn’t rain much there, just about 1,050 millimeters a year. Because it’s always dry in Hambantota, people visiting should take care not to get too hot. Wearing loose, cotton clothes and drinking plenty of water when you’re outside is a good idea to stay comfortable.

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