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Arcade Independence Square | Sri Lankan Guides

Arcade Independence Square | Sri Lankan Guides

The Arcade Independence Square is a shopping complex located in the Auditor General’s building, recognizable by its large clock tower at Independence Square. Here, you can find a variety of shops and attractions.

On the upper floors, there are Wickramarachchi opticians for quality sunglasses, Stone and String for jewelry, a Kookabura equipment store for cricket enthusiasts, a Titan showroom, and local tea and jewelry at Kaema Sutra. The first floor houses the Wax Museum and a 3D Cineplex movie.

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For budget-friendly options on the ground floor, there’s a range of choices including Burger King, a food court with Paan Paan and Tropical Juice Bar, and short courses. In the former Auditor General’s building, you’ll find Tsukui Uoichi, a Japanese restaurant, and a small canteen offering rice and snacks.

Beyond shopping, the Arcade Independence Square is a great place to unwind. The outdoor area features beautiful flowers, green grass, smooth pavements, and cane furniture. Inside, the atmosphere is serene with white wood panels. Long benches in some corridors provide a perfect spot to relax, offering views of the lawn, walk-over fish tanks, and impressive lion stone carvings. Various windows throughout the building provide unique perspectives, and there’s a charming dormer window at the center of one of the stairs.

arcade independence square Sri Lankan Guides

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